About us

We are the Berlin Cathedral Choir in the heart of the capital under the roof of the Berlin Cathedral. Our choir consists of various ensembles: the Oratorio Choir, the Chamber Choir, the Motet Choir, the Schola and various project choirs.


All ensembles are stylistically extremely diverse and sing works from the Renaissance to modern times. We achieve our musical quality through the great commitment and the demand of all singers for themselves.

We are the parish choir of the Berlin Cathedral. Therefore, we participate in church services and take part in the life of the congregation. In addition, we regularly give concerts in and outside of Berlin. With rehearsal trips, concert tours and the possibility to spend time together beyond the rehearsals, we cultivate the community. We value open, respectful and friendly interaction.

We enjoy the privilege of musical work at the highest level in differently oriented ensembles, without having to charge membership fees. We are supported in all respects by the Berlin Cathedral and financially by the Förderkreis der Berliner Domkantorei. Donations are always welcome. Membership in the Förderverein is recommended to all.

The ensembles of the Berlin Cathedral Choir

The Oratorio choir consists of about 100 singers, performs 3 - 4 oratorical and / or choral-symphonic works per year and regularly organizes church services in the Berlin Cathedral.

The Chamber choir consists of about 32 singers and performs demanding and virtuosic choral music, which is also performed in church services and concerts in the Berlin Cathedral and outside.

The Motet choir spends 3-4 weekends a year working on demanding choral music, which is performed in liturgical and concert formats in the Berlin Cathedral and outside.

The Schola meets on a project basis to perform Gregorian chorales in selected services and concerts.


Oberpfarr- und Domkirche zu Berlin
Büro der Berliner Domkantorei
Dr. Florian Stocker
Am Lustgarten
10178 Berlin
Telefon +49 (0)30 202 69 – 118
E-Mail domkantorei(a)berlinerdom.de