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The English Choir Berlin

Choral Evensong has been held at Berlin Cathedral once a month since the end of 2014 in Anglican tradition. A form of worship that regularly attracts many hundreds of visitors. This is mainly due to the choir 'The English Choir Berlin', who organise the Choral Evensong.

Roughly 40 women and men sing in this ensemble, many of whom are professionals or serious amateurs. A quarter originates from Great Britain, a quarter from Germany, a quarter from the USA and the remainder from all over the world – from Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Finland and Thailand.

The wonderful feature of 'The English Choir Berlin' and the Choral Evensong is the music, which forms an integral part of the liturgy. The ensemble aligns its work with the ‘Book of Common Prayer’ published in 1662, whose music is both extremely meditative and solemn. The service’s solemnity is underscored by the floor-length choir robes in royal blue. These garments are deliberately similar to those of priests, and form part of the Anglican choral tradition.

Rehearse and Join In

Once a week, on Thursdays from 6.30 PM to 8.45 PM rehearsals are held by The English Choir Berlin in the Cathedral. New singers are required to audition and must be a good fit for the ensemble. If you would like to know more about the choir, further information can be found on



The English Choir Berlin
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