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Memorial Church (Denkmalskirche)

When looking at the old layout of Berlin Cathedral from the time of its construction, it is noticeable that roughly a third of the building is absent today: the Memorial Church (Denkmalskirche). It was blown up during the reconstruction of the Berlin Cathedral and demolished in 1975. Today, the north side of Berlin Cathedral – where the Memorial Church once stood - is best described as an unattractive spot.

The Memorial Church originally had its own niche that housed the royal coffins of the Hohenzollern family. The entrance point to the Hohenzollern family crypt was also located here. Following the demolition of the building, the stately coffins were placed in the Sermon Church (Predigtkirche) under the organ and the southern Gallery.

The sarcophagi, which are of huge historical significance and which were created by Andreas Schlüter for King Friedrich I. and his wife Sophie Charlotte, are unfavourably positioned in today's location. Visitors can only look at the magnificent coffins from two sides, and through bars.