Cathedral shop

The tour of the Berlin Cathedral leads our visitors through the sermon church, the baptismal and wedding church and to the dome view. At the end of the tour you will reach the cathedral café. When you enter the cathedral you can also start with a visit to our cathedral store on the right hand side.

In the vestibule of the Imperial Staircase you will find our range of products related to the Christian faith and the Berlin Cathedral. We carry souvenirs such as key rings in the shape of the cathedral, books, postcards and CDs of our own cathedral ensembles. But also Bibles, Christian books, small gifts for children and souvenirs of the city of Berlin.


Contact Cathedral Shop

Telefon +49 30 20269 236
E-Mail ute.hellmuth(a)

Dommusik auf CD im Shop

In unserer Mediathek finden Sie einige Hörbeispiele unserer Dommusiker. Die CDs erhalten Sie im Domshop.