We are pleased about your donation.

For the preservation of the Berlin Cathedral as well as the spiritual and cultural offerings, we depend on your donations. We appreciate every donation, no matter how large.

Every year, the Berlin Cathedral has to raise several million euros on its own for the maintenance and operation of the listed building alone. We generate 95% of this money ourselves. Only 5% of the budget comes from church taxes and grants from the state of Berlin.

You are welcome to specify a purpose for your donation (e.g. building maintenance, preaching, music or digitization). Upon request, you will receive a donation receipt for your donations, which you can claim on your taxes.

You can donate conveniently online via Paypal or you can use our bank details:

Oberpfarr- und Domkirche zu Berlin
IBAN: DE30 3506 0190 0000 0080 01 | Account no.: 8001
BIC: GENODED1DKD | Sort Code 350 601 90 (KD Bank)

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