The Cathedral since 1993

Although the Cathedral was re-inaugurated in 1993, reconstruction had not yet been completed. Some of the work could only be completed in subsequent years. Up until 1999, the coloured altar windows were reconstructed in accordance with the historical designs of Anton von Werner that were still available in a process that was exceptionally true to the quality of the original technique employed by Luce Floreo.

The Hohenzollern family crypt was originally – beyond 1918 – under the private ownership of the then ruling family, and could only be visited by a select number of individuals after prior registration. The Second World War also caused damage to (and even the loss of) individual sarcophagi. These were restored, exhibited in systematic and genealogical order and – since 1999 – have been made accessible to the public.

The precious stone mosaics, among which the historic models by Anton von Werner still existed, were recreated up until 2002 with the help of Italian experts. The now corroded dome cross, which had formed the upper end of the Cathedral dome since 1981, had to be removed in 2006 and is now located at the Cathedral cemetery on Liesenstraße. A replica of this cross has adorned the dome of Berlin Cathedral since 2007, and is visible from afar.