Cathedral café

The small, cosy café situated in Berlin Cathedral is tucked away in the building’s basement, next to the Cathedral shop. Guests from all over the world who come to visit Berlin Cathedral can enjoy a rest at the end of a long tour, where there is coffee, cake, cold refreshments and light snacks available. With its high cross vault, the room can accommodate approximately 30 guests.

As soon as the weather allows, the Cathedral café opens up its space with the addition of numerous tables and chairs outside the Cathedral. Tall trees dampen the traffic noise flowing from nearby Karl-Liebknecht-Straße and provide plenty of shade. At an outside bar guests can serve themselves, for example, with refreshments and, depending on the time of year, freshly baked waffles or ice cream.



Tel. +49 172 1640444

The Cathedral café opens daily at 11 AM and closes at the same time as the Cathedral.