Cathedral Deans

At Berlin Cathedral, cathedral preacher Stefan Scholpp is the managing cathedral preacher and Christiane Münker is the cathedral preacher responsible for the ecclesiastical area.

Cathedral preacher Stefan Scholpp and cathedral preacher Christiane Münker lead the services on Sundays and public holidays as well as the Saturday evening vespers and Taizé services. Together with our guest preachers, daily devotions are also celebrated as well as baptisms, weddings and funerals of parishioners. Pastoral counseling sessions are also offered to interested parties. In addition, the cathedral preachers lead the various parish and working groups and represent the cathedral on church committees.

In addition to the cathedral preachers, Bishop Kirsten Fehrs, the current chair of the EKD Council, Bishop Petra Bosse-Huber, head of the UEK office, and the Berlin state bishop Dr. Stäblein also have the right to preach at Berlin Cathedral. The cathedral also enjoys a large number of prominent guest preachers. In addition to the bishops of the EKD, these include professors from the Faculty of Theology at Humboldt University in Berlin as well as preachers from Germany and abroad.

However, not only Protestant preachers, but also representatives of other denominations and Judaism are regular guests at Berlin Cathedral. For example, it is already a tradition for a Jewish rabbi to preach in Berlin Cathedral on Israel Sunday.


Cathedral Dean Stefan Scholpp

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Cathedral Dean Christiane Münker

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