Cathedral Dean Stefan Scholpp

Whoever wants to introduce himself must speak of the other. In my case, that would first be those through whom I became who I am. My mother, who prepared me for life as a single parent, but never imagined that I would one day leave Karlsruhe and become a pastor. Klaus Müller, my confirmand, whose life plan impressed me so much that I wanted to become like him. Eberhard Jüngel in Tübingen, Christian Möller in Heidelberg and Konrad Fischer in Heddesheim, who became my theological teachers. My wife. My children, through whom I learned what it means to be a father.

Pastor! That was it, since I became 14. And it has remained so until today (even though I spent 5 years as a research assistant and lecturer at the university and the preacher's seminary in Heidelberg - and was able to cultivate reflection on language and its possibility there). Heddesheim, Schwetzingen, Hockenheim, Mannheim were the stations, all located in the Electoral Palatinate and not each world famous. Now the exciting Berlin.

I was once asked by a journalist why I like to preach so much, and whether it is not rather old school? - The idea of preaching as informative instruction, as one-way communication, is certainly outdated. But telling stories: the biblical stories in the context of our different ways of life, our own story in the light of the biblical traditions, is still what I love most about being a pastor, in the pulpit, in the parish hall, on the Internet, on podiums, in one-on-one conversations... How nice that the pastors at the cathedral are called preachers!

Stefan Scholpp

Executive Cathedral Dean

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