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Open House 2023

Almost every Berliner and thousands of tourists know the Berlin Cathedral. But do you really know it? Do you know what happens behind the thick walls? What secrets are hidden behind the altar rail and the Kaiser-Empore, in the Hohenzollern crypt and on the dome? How the cathedral choir rehearses and where the cathedral preachers work?

On 25 February from 10 am to 6 pm (almost) all the secrets will be revealed. The Berlin Cathedral cordially invites you to an open day. We will show who we are and what we do!

Throughout the day, tours of the preaching church, the baptistery and wedding church as well as the dome are free of charge. There will also be lectures at various locations on the history of the cathedral, works of art, the altar, apostle's shrine and pulpit, as well as the famous Sauer organ. You can also find out about the cemeteries belonging to the cathedral, and the cathedral shop offers discounts.

At 12 noon there will be a musical midday service, and at 6 pm, as usual, our vespers. Blessings will be possible for all those interested, and the famous Sauer organ will be heard again and again.  

In addition, there will be an unprecedented offer: every department of the Berlin Cathedral and all its staff will be present, offering special workshops, unique sightseeing opportunities and original special tours. Among other things, you will go high up on the roof, deep into the archives, to the conductor's podium and to the Kaiser-Empore. A day to open your ears and eyes - that is our vision of the Berlin Cathedral: inviting, friendly and open, diverse, touching and modern. With lots of history and stories, with art, music, singing, with devotions and blessings.