Sponsoring association ‘Förderkreis der Berliner Domkantorei’

Choir work not only requires committed and regular practice, but also costs (a significant amount of) money. The Berlin Cathedral Choir is predominantly funded by the Berlin Cathedral, but also frequently requires additional support.

The sponsoring association ‘Förderkreis der Berliner Domkantorei’ has been registered as a charitable association since 2002. The association is also made up of friends and concert enthusiasts – some of whom have been involved for several decades – in addition to many choir members.

The sponsoring association (Förderkreis) regularly organises choir breaks and excursions, and ensures that no one should be forced to stay at home for lack of financial resources. The association's own funds were also used in recent years to restore and digitally archive the choir’s extensive music library. The music archive comprising approximately 10,000 music titles has now been arranged for church music use, and can also be accessed by other church choirs. Enquiries will be dealt with by the Office of the Cathedral Choir.

By taking on deficit guarantees, we are able to risk the performance of lesser well-known and attended ecclesiastical music works. We manage the sale and distribution of CDs previously recorded by the Berlin Cathedral Choir, and promote newly scheduled productions.

The Association ‘Förderkreis der Berliner Domkantorei e.V.’ is financed by membership contributions and donations, which are tax-deductible.

A membership application, the statutes and the contribution rules can be downloaded here.

Since 9 May 2021 the Association Board has comprised:

Hans Walter (Vorsitzender),
Josefine Kitzbichler (stell. Vors.),
Katharina Kupke,
Christiane Schulze,
Peter Töpfer

as well as Astrid Regelin and Mareile Braune als successors.

Christiane Behr represents the choir conductor.


If you would like to support the work of the Berlin Cathedral Choir and the sponsoring association, we look forward to receiving your donation. Donations and contributions for the sponsoring association are tax-deductible. The Association has been recognised by the federal tax office as a non-profit entity as listed under ‘Körperschaften I Berlin, St-Nr. 27/655/30234’.

Account information

Sponsoring association ‘Förderkreis der Berliner Domkantorei e.V.’

Acc. No. 15 664 67018
S/C 350 601 90
IBAN DE46 3506 0190 1566 4670 18
KD-Bank eG für Kirche und Diakonie



‘Förderkreis der Berliner Domkantorei e.V.’
Oberpfarr- und Domkirche zu Berlin
Am Lustgarten
10178 Berlin
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