Guided tours

Berlin Cathedral is an ideal place for visitors from all over the world to experience life, religion and a piece of German history up close and personal. You can view the Cathedral independently by ‘going it alone’, hiring an audio guide or taking part in a guided tour.

Guided location tours

The admission price includes the 20-minute so-called location tours. Visitors take their places in the rows of pews and listen to trained Cathedral guides who reveal lots of interesting facts about Berlin Cathedral and its history.

Tours usually take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime, you can find the current dates here. These tours may occasionally be cancelled due to construction, events or rehearsals.

Group guided tour

Together with our cathedral guides you will discover the Berlin Cathedral.. You may also take a look behind the scenes every now and again. Should you be interested, we also offer special tomb and organ tours. Group tours can also be combined with an organ concert on the Imperial Gallery (price on request).

Prices for guided tours for groups of adults (excl. admission fee)
up to 15 people – 90 minutes: €110.00
up to 30 people – 90 minutes: €135.00
up to 15 people – 30 minutes: €75.00
up to 30 people – 30 minutes: €90.00

Audio guides (currently not offered)

Berlin Cathedral has a convenient audiovisual guide system from the company ‘antenna international’ at its disposal (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian). This will allow you to take in Berlin Cathedral according to your own schedule. The spoken word and wonderful music truly help you embrace the atmosphere of this building. If you would like to use the audio guides with a group, please contact us in advance at +49 30 20269 164.

Guided tours for kindergartens and school pupils

Berlin Cathedral offers separate tours for preschool and kindergarten children, as well as for pupils in classes 1 to 13. Pupils from vocational schools and language schools can book a group tour for adults. Due to high demand, we kindly ask that you register in good time.

Prices for day nursery and school pupil guided tours (excl. entry fee)
(no vocational or language schools)
up to 15 pupils, two accompanying persons – 90 minutes: €35.00
up to 30 pupils, three accompanying individuals – 90 minutes: €60.00

Prices for day nursery and school groups (excl. entry fee)
(no vocational or language schools)
up to 15 pupils, two accompanying persons – 90 minutes: €30.00
up to 30 pupils, three accompanying individuals – 90 minutes: €50.00

Guided tours for pre-school and school children can be supplemented by an organ demonstration.

Exclusive guided tours

On every third Monday of the month you will get the chance to explore Berlin Cathedral from 6:30 PM to 8 PM as part of a so-called exclusive tour. This monthly guided tour is for those interested in participating in a guided tour on their own, as a couple or with the family in tow.

We kindly ask that you to register by calling +49 30 20269 164 or ticket(a) or Online-Booking here Ticketshop

Price for exclusive tours (including entrance fee)
per person €15, with a discount €11, (including entrance fee).

Kita- und Schülerführungen

Der Berliner Dom bietet gesonderte Führungen für Kita-Kinder und Schülerinnen und Schüler von der 1. bis zur 13. Klasse an. Schüler/-innen von Berufs- und Sprachschulen können eine Gruppenführung für Erwachsene buchen. Wegen der großen Nachfrage bitten wir um eine rechtzeitige Anmeldung.

Preise Kita- und Schülerführung (zzgl. Gruppenticket)
(1.-13. Klasse, keine Berufs- oder Sprachschulen)
bis 15 Schüler, zwei Begleitpersonen - 90 Minuten: 35,- €
bis 30 Schüler, drei Begleitpersonen - 90 Minuten:  60,- €

Gruppenticket für Schüler
(1.- bis 13. Klasse, keine Berufs- oder Sprachschulen)
bis 15 Schüler, zwei Begleitpersonen: 30,- Euro
bis 30 Schüler, drei Begleitpersonen:  50,- Euro

Die Kita- und Schülerführung kann durch eine Orgelführung ergänzt werden (s.u.).


Jeden 1. Dienstag im Monat können Sie von 18:30 - 20:00 Uhr mit einer Exklusivführung den Berliner Dom erkunden. Diese monatliche Führung richtet sich an Interessierte, die alleine, zu zweit oder als Familie an einer Führung teilnehmen möchten.

Wir bitten um eine Anmeldung unter +49 30 202 69 164 oder ticket(a)
oder Online-Buchung unter dem folgenden Link: Ticketshop (keine VVK-Gebühr)

Preise für Exklusivführungen (inklusive Eintrittsgebühr)
pro Person 15,- Euro, ermäßigt 11,- Euro (inkl. Eintritt)

Führungen für Blinde und Sehbehinderte

Diese Führung richtet sich ausschließlich an blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen. Gemeinsam mit unseren Domführern und Domführerinnen entdecken Sie den Berliner Dom und erschließen sich sein imposantes Bildprogramm.

Einige der wertvollen Materialien und schmuckreichen Formen können beim Rundgang berührt werden, so dass die Pracht, die der Dom ausstrahlt, wortwörtlich greifbar wird.

Individuelle Führungen können Sie gerne mit uns vereinbaren unter Tel. 030 - 202 69 164 oder per Mail an besucherdienst(a)

Preis für eine Führung:
pro Person 11,- Euro (inklusive Eintritt), Begleitperson frei 

Organ performance

A guided tour of the Organ Gallery of Berlin Cathedral takes 30 minutes. During this time an organist demonstrates how the great ‘Sauer’ organ works, while playing a few notes and answering any questions regarding this fascinating instrument. The guided tour is suitable for a maximum of 30 people.

Price for a tour of the organ (excl. admission fee)
up to 30 people – 30 minutes: €250.00
up to 30 pupils – 30 minutes: €60.00

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month there is also an exclusive guided tour of the large Sauer organ. This is intended for organ enthusiasts who would like to take part in an organ tour alone, as a couple or as a family. Tickets can be purchased for 25 euros through our ticket provider as "Exclusive guided tour of the great Sauer organ" here.

Ansprechpartnerin für Führungen

Sylvia Rupnow

Staff Event management

Phone +49 30 20269 164
E-Mail sylvia.rupnow(a)