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Senate provides millions in funding for barrier-free accessibility

Over the next three years, Berlin Cathedral will receive several million euros in development funds thanks to the programme entitled ‘Joint task of improving regional economic structures’ (‘Gemeinschaftsaufgabe zur Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur [GRW]’). This was decreed by the Berlin Senate during its meeting held on 26 September 2017. The money will ensure barrier-free access to…

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The apostles James and Paul are once again clean

Restorers have spent recent days cleaning two of the four large sandstone figures situated in Berlin Cathedral. The black crust that had formed over several decades had to be removed, due to the fact that it destroys the sandstone in the long term. The apostles James the Elder and Paul (by Ernst…

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The Berlin Cathedral Archive goes online

Centuries-old official charters, church books, more than 3,000 sermons and huge quantities of construction documentation – countless treasures spanning 500 years of Cathedral history are all stored in the Cathedral's archives. Interested parties can now also search our resources online ...

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Donate online for the Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is required to generate 97% of its own annual budget totalling approximately €6 million. Donations are therefore always welcome, and represent an invaluable source of support for our communal work. All friends of our Cathedral are now able to donate a few euros online with zero…

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Audio guided tour in the Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral now has a new audio guide system that steers visitors through the building over the course of an hour. Sermon Church (Predigtkirche), Baptismal and Matrimonial Church (Tauf- und Traukirche), Cathedral museum, dome and Hohenzollern family crypt are included in the tour ...

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