Taizé Team

Since 2000 Berlin Cathedral has played host to a Taizé service on every second Thursday in the month. Over 400 visitors sing and pray together on this evening, while also lighting a sea of candles. Taizé is a religious movement from France. Every year sees thousands of young individuals travel to the tiny village in Burgundy, France.

The Taizé services held at Berlin Cathedral are strongly aligned with the rules set out by the monastic brothers, but have over the course of time developed their own profile. Unlike in France, visitors do not sit on the floor, but rather in rows of pews. In order to get people moving, everyone is allowed to come forward and light candles. The Predigtkirche is then finally lit up by hundreds of lights. Prayers are sung at Berlin Cathedral as they are in Taizé. Visitors are guided and accompanied by professional musicians.

Participation in this team is only possible on a very small scale, and is linked with musical ability.


  • Musical accompaniment of Taizé services of worship


  • Strong musical skills

Time required

  • Every second Thursday in the month, Taizé services of worship