Cathedral guide

Berlin Cathedral is a tourism magnet for people from all over the world. 85% of visitors originate from abroad, 10% from Berlin and 5% from other federal states. Bringing people closer to our church, its history and religious significance is part of the key tasks undertaken by our volunteer Cathedral guides.

The group currently consists of approximately 15 volunteers, who offer guided tours in German, English, French, Italian and a select few Scandinavian languages.
In addition to the daily guided tours, the Cathedral guides also accompany individual groups through the building: Preschool children, school pupils, other Parish Groups, company outings, birthday parties, armed forces units, workmen groups (carpenters, plasterers, stonemasons) – all love to be shown around Berlin Cathedral. People who suffer from visual or hearing impairments have also been members of the Groups. Some of our Cathedral guides have specialised in offering guides through the Hohenzollern family crypt, the Cathedral museum or the Dome mosaics.

The group of Cathedral guides will be happy to welcome new members at any time. At present, foreign languages skills are in particularly high demand – above all English, French and Polish.


  • Short guided tours
  • Special guided tours (either for groups or on different topics


  • Candidates training to become a Cathedral guide are accompanied by a mentor. After creating your own concept, a test run is conducted.
  • Foreign language skills in English and other languages are desired

Time required

  • Roster for short guided tours and special tours according to your own schedule
  • 3 x/year Cathedral guides get-together