Welcome to the Berlin Cathedral Church (Oberpfarr- und Domkirche von Berlin)

The Cathedral of Berlin is the largest church in the city, and it serves as a vital center for the Protestant church of Germany. Reaching out well beyond the borders of the parish  and of Berlin, the cathedral and the Hohenzollerngruft attract thousands of visitors, year after year, from Germany and abroad.


With church services, concerts, tours, and many more events and offerings, the cathedral presents a wide variety of opportunities to come closer to the Christian religious tradition.


The Hohenzollern Crypt underneath the cathedral is the most important dynastic sepulchre in Germany. Among the “Kapuzinergruft” in Vienna, the regent’s graves in the cathedral of St. Denis in Paris and the crypt of the Spanish Kings in Madrid the Hohenzollern-Crypt adds to the group of major dynastic sepulchres in Europe.

Our “Dom-Shop " and the “Domcafé ” are located in the basement of the Berlin Cathedral Church.”

Special opening hours for sightseeing in December

In December numerous concerts and special services are held in the Berliner Dom. The entrance to the visit to the cathedral therefore changes on some days as follows:


6.12. and 9.12. last admission - 16:30

16.12. - last admission - 1:00 pm

17.12. - last admission - 14:00

24.12. - Christmas holidays on Christmas Eve - no viewing possible

26.12. - last admission - 17:00

31.12. - last admission - 15:30



New audio guide tour in the cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral has a new multilingual audio guide system. The tour takes about an hour and leads you through the main church, the museum, up the 270 steps to the Dome walkway and down to the Hohenzollern crypt.

The audio guide is available in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian for 4, - Euro plus admission ticket.

Security Advice

Dear Visitor, due to security reasons we would kindly ask you not to bring any larger hand luggage and bags into the Berliner Dom. You will find a limited number of lockers in the arcades opposite doors 7 and 8. Thank you.