Visitors’ service, birthday coffee

Parish members and friends of the Cathedral come from far and wide, to enjoy the experience of shared worship although they often do not know each other. If you would like to get to know people individually, feel free to get involved in our Visitors Group (‘Besuchsdienstkreis’). Members of the Group get in touch with parish members and friends of the Cathedral aged 75 and over when it is their birthday. They visit children's birthdays, bringing with them a small gift and get to know one another in the process.

The ‘birthday coffee’ is a birthday event that is celebrated four times a year at Berlin Cathedral for all parish members over the age of 70. All those who celebrated their birthday during the previous quarter are invited to spend time with the team members of the Visitors’ Service, during which they can enjoy a lovely afternoon at Berlin Cathedral.



  • Arranging and carrying out visits
  • Finding a present
  • Preparing birthday coffee
  • Supervising guests during the celebration
  • Tidying up


  • Joy in approaching people

Time required

  • Per visit approximately three hours
  • once a quarter, at a meeting of the group
  • once a quarter, one afternoon for birthday coffee