Faith workshop – Team

Under the guidance of Cathedral Dean Thomas C. Müller a faith workshop has been on offer at Berlin Cathedral since 2012, which is held in the months of January and February. The course consists of five consecutive evenings that aim to convey the core beliefs of the Christian faith. The course helps to establish clarity regarding the close connection between faith and life. Every evening commences with a communal meal, so that the course participants have the chance to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere, during which they can chat.

This is followed by an introductory speech by the Cathedral Dean regarding a fundamental aspect of the Christian faith (for example: Christian values, forms of embodied belief...). Course participants then discuss this topic in smaller groups, whereby each individual group is led by a discussion leader. The evening is rounded off by a meditation that culminates in prayer.

Depending on the interests and needs, volunteers will either be responsible for the organisation of evening events (preparing rooms, setting tables, planning and preparing dinners etc.) and/or preparing course content (group management, reading a biblical text etc.).


  • Preparing the rooms
  • Setting tables
  • Planning and preparing the evening meal etc.
  • and/or preparing course content (group management, reading a biblical text etc.)



Time required

  • 5 hours per evening plus preparation time depending on the task, once a year (January / February) on five evenings