Conversations over bread and wine bread and wine – Team

There is no other opportunity quite like during a good meal to enjoy great discussions about God and all things spiritual. The ‘conversations over bread and wine’ are therefore the subject of great popularity at Berlin Cathedral.

The so-called ‘conversations over bread and wine’ (‘Gespräche bei Brot und Wein’) are held approximately 6 to 7 times every year under the guidance of Cathedral Dean Thomas C. Müller. Each evening has a specific theme. While sitting at a table set with water, bread and wine, visitors can come together to discuss topics of the Christian faith. Guests are often invited who provide the topic for the evening with a keynote speech. Thereafter, there is an opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences. The evening is rounded off with a final meditation, a prayer and a blessing.

The team that hosts the ‘conversations over bread and wine’ meets on a regular basis to coordinate the agenda and determine the topics for future evenings. In the evening, the volunteers prepare the room, decorate the tables and clean up after the event. All other tasks arise during preparations and are individually discussed in the team.


  • Setting the table
  • Preparing bread and wine
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving guests
  • Clearing up


  • none

Time required

  • content and organisational preparation
  • one meeting a month (duration approximately 1 hour)
  • On the evening, attendance from 5:30 PM until 10 PM