Pastor Birte Biebuyck

My name is Birte Biebuyck, I have been a voluntary Pastor at Berlin Cathedral since 2005 and enjoy three great passions – both alone and together with my family:

1. Speaking about God and studying his word: It gives me a sense of great satisfaction and happiness to understand the Bible with increasing clarity; I am passionate about deepening my thought process and understanding the world, the people who inhabit it and myself through the word of God, comprehending interdependencies and having everything thrown into question repeatedly. I like to talk about my faith and be with people in faith, both with children and with adults.

2. Music: I love making music together with others – music is something that creates such a community spirit and helps people connect with each other. I love to sing, I play the flute and cello and a little bit of piano and would love to be able to play more instruments.

3. Travelling by bike: I believe that we must all contribute to the preservation of God's creation – faith is not simply a matter of the heart! That's why we all only ride bikes, and always have done. It's a wonderful sensation to enjoy the weather and the different seasons every morning, and to discover new things in the Tiergarten Park when I'm travelling with our youngest through Berlin on the way to school.

I lead baptismal courses for adults, greatly enjoy celebrating the Choral Evensong, which has such an uplifting effect on the heart and the senses, and I also greatly enjoy services of worship. Celebrating with children and talking about God is something I enjoy.

What I don't like: Boredom, formality, brussels sprouts, cars.

Birte Biebuyck

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