Cathedral Dean Thomas C. Müller

‘God is present.’ My passion is best characterised by this proclamation offered by the hymn writer Gerhard Tersteegen. Tracing the reality of God and opening the doors to him – that's what makes my heart beat as a Theologian and Pastor. This has taken on different forms over time. Born in 1965 in the South Westphalian town of Siegen, I studied in the cities of Tübingen, Munich and Münster where I developed a particular interest in the topics of philosophy and systematic theology. It concerned the question: How can we think God? Later, during my city church work in Hagen and in the course of my 13 years as a Pastor in Gronau (Westf.), the question arose: ‘How can I experience God?’ This is how I learned to discover the treasures of Christian spirituality, something I have been doing my best to share during services of worship, conversational evenings, Taizé prayers, faith workshops and spirituality courses for almost eight years at the Cathedral. Time and again, I experience the realisation that Berlin Cathedral is a blessed place that is so accessible to all who attend: ‘God is present.’