Cathedral Dean Michael Kösling

When I started my studies in Theology, it was not apparent to me at all that it would later take me to work as a pastor. I thought my life would turn out differently. However, Theology was a subject that fascinated me, given its broad focus, its relevance for my life, the work with texts. How did it all begin? Even for me as a little boy, the service of worship was an event that had a mesmerizing effect. Singing along in spirit with the liturgical music works. Attempting to understand the sermon. Being with God in prayer. That was different from the atheistic environment in which I grew up with my family in the GDR. It was stronger, truer, smarter. Situations involving professions of faith become important: ‘Kum ba yah my Lord’ and ‘We shall overcome’ with the guitar in music class. My Pastor, who embraced the freedom of this office. Yes the freedom of this office! She was perhaps the deciding factor behind my decision to become a Pastor.

Michael Kösling

Stv. Vorsitzender des Domkirchenkollegiums
Geschäftsführender Domprediger

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