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Confirmation is an ecclesiastical celebration of belief. Confirmands declare their Christian faith and answer ‘Yes’ to their baptism, which they often received as a baby. Receiving the blessing provides God’s protection on one's own life path.

Those who have not yet been baptised will be baptised in a service of worship before confirmation, and may still participate in the confirmation process.

Once a month on Saturdays, the young adults meet with Cathedral Dean Michael Kösling and other voluntary team members, who themselves are still students and who have been confirmed in recent years, in order to explore and discuss the fundamentals of faith. It is about facilitating an holistic understanding of the contents of faith and, with that, its importance in the lives of young people. Questions concerning the meaning of life, Christian responsibility and expressive forms of Christian life are dealt with in a variety of ways.

We consciously do not offer weekly lessons so as not to impact on the everyday school life of adolescents. The monthly meetings on Saturday also have the advantage that everyone is more relaxed and has enough time to dedicate to each other. In view of the fact that the meetings take place on a monthly basis, you should have clarified beforehand with your family as to whether your regular and binding participation is possible. In particular, sports activities or school lessons on Saturdays are often a hindrance. We expect regular participation in the block days, in order to ensure that the content can be learned properly and that a great group feeling is established. The joint trips are of particular importance. There, an understanding of special topics is developed and expanded, and girls and boys grow together as a group.

As part of efforts to promote a sense of ‘togetherness’ among adolescents, a joint tour takes place at the beginning of the confirmation period, in which our young team members also participate. For our new confirmands, it is most important that several experienced peers are on hand to answer any questions and guide them through what is initially an unfamiliar and new time.

The confirmation takes place in Berlin Cathedral, to which family, friends and relatives are warmly invited.