Sitzplan des Berliner Doms

des Berliner Doms nach Preiskategorien Sitzplan
des Berliner Doms mit Übersicht über die Hörschleife There are approximately 1650 seats in the Cathedral of Berlin. With the help of the two charts presented here, you can orient yourself or choose a seat for a concert.


The first illustration shows you which seats are located in each price category and demonstrates the limitations, for example, where the view is obstructed.


The other chart is intended for people with hearing aids that are adapted for hearing loop systems. It indicates locations in the cathedral with particularly good reception.


Both documents are also available as PDF files to download:


1. Seating plan according to price categories

2. Seating plan for use of the hearing loop system



The cathedral provides an elevator for people with disabilities. It is located to the left of the main entrance and is indicated with a sign. A bell and intercom system, make it possible to contact the concierge, who can then ease your passage into the cathedral. If you have additional questions, please contact the  events office.

You can also contact the concierge by mobile phone. Please dial +49(0)30 20269-179 and explain your request.