Berliner Dom Südseite Ost-Ansicht

With its striking form, the Cathedral today is one of the main attractions of Germany’s capital city. A portico with a granite staircase stands before the monumental two-storey main front on the Lustgarten side of the building. The four-storey east side, facing the Spree River, recalls baroque palace architecture and clearly shows the three-part organization of the building. The north western tower houses the bells, whose full, warm sound summons people from near and far to prayer and worship. Although the dome was not rebuilt to its full height again after its destruction in the Second World War, it still towers mightily and loftily over most of the surrounding buildings and is widely visible from many points throughout the city. The Cathedral of Berlin is often referred to in print as the “Entryway to Museum Island”. The view from the dome walkway shows the Cathedral of Berlin’s marvelous location in the city’s historical center. Visitors who climb the 270 steps are rewarded with a view of Museum Island, the synagogue, Gendarmenmarkt, the Reichstag, and the Rotes Rathaus.