The Dom-Café


Cosy and charmingly hidden in the basement of the Cathedral, located next door the Dom-Shop is the Dom-Café. Visitors from all over the world can relax in the Dom-Café either after the sightseeing-tour of the church or just as visitor passing by this fantastic building. Coffee, Tea, refreshments, cakes and a small variety of snacks are on offer for self-service in the Café. The room with its cross-shaped vaults has a capacity of about 30 guests.



As soon as the temperature allow for, additional seating is provided outside the Dom-Café, directly next to the building. Tall trees give shade and baffle the traffic-sound of Karl-Liebknecht-Str.. Visitors are welcome to purchase drinks and/or either waffles or ice-cream - depending on the season –  directly at the out-door-bar.

The Dom-Café is open daily from 11am until closing hours of the cathedral.