Church music in the Cathedral of Berlin

posauenengel.jpg Spacer.gifWith its wonderful tone colors, the historic Sauer organ plays a large role in the musical life of the Cathedral of Berlin. The instrument is heard twice daily during worship, on Sundays in the religious services, in the musically-focused vespers on Saturdays, and in numerous concerts. Organ tours bring visitors into the organist’s workplace, offering a close-up view of fascinating details of the otherwise distant instrument. An additional focal point of musical life at the Cathedral is choral music. Two high-caliber choirs – the Berliner Domkantorei and the Staats- und Domchor Berlin – have their home in the Cathedral. Together with many visiting choirs, they provide musical adornment of the religious services as well as numerous concerts .

Since September of 2005, the Berliner Dombläser (Cathedral brass band) also enriches the musical program. The diverse concert activities at the Cathedral include such series as the International Organ Summer, which invites international stars of the organ world to present programs that are specially tailored to the Sauer organ. The Musica Mystica series brings monophonic Gregorian chant into dialogue with the polyphonic organ, filling the Baptismal and Matrimonial Chapel with the sounds of early music. In addition to traditional music, contemporary music performances are increasingly important in the Cathedral. For example, the Cathedral supports the creation and performance of modern compositions for a capella choir. The impressive architecture and an atmosphere that focuses entirely on the acoustic experience make every concert in the Cathedral of Berlin unforgettable.