The Dome

Domkuppel Spacer.gifThe powerful and radiant effect of the magnificent, 70 meter high dome causes every visitor to pause in reverence on entering the Cathedral.
Flooded with light, the dove represents the presence of the Holy Spirit. The dome mosaics portray the beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. Each of the famous dome mosaics is 39 square meters large and comprised of over 500,000 tiles in approximately 2000 different shades of color.


The former director of the Academy of Architecture, Anton von Werner, created the designs for the mosaics, which were realized by the companies Puhl & Wagner and Odorico. Initially, the immediate the war damages barely effected the mosaics, but they were largely destroyed by the open dome and the weathering that resulted.


For this reason, seven of the eight dome mosaics were deemed irreparable at the time of the Cathedral’s renovation in 1975. Werner’s designs had survived the war, and the Tuscan company Ferrari & Bacci used them to reproduce the dome mosaics. The last of the mosaics was unveiled in 2002, and today, the dome radiates in its full glory once again.