Baptismal and Matrimonial Chapel

Blick in die Tauf- und Traukirche
The entrance to the Baptismal and Matrimonial Chapel is across from the organ gallery. The impressive stately sarcophagi next to the entrance are the final works that the important sculptor Andreas Schlüter produced for the king.

With its simple barrel vaulting, the Baptismal and Matrimonial Chapel has a completely different atmosphere from the Sermon Church. This space is characterized by a ceremonial, yet still intimate quality.

The altarpiece, “The Descent of the Holy Ghost”, was painted by Carl Begas the Elder as commissioned by King Frederick William III in 1820, and it is among the most significant artworks in the Cathedral. Since the richly carved wooden altar that originally stood on this location has disappeared, a new altar was built in the 1970’s, using red marble from the memorial church, which had been torn down.

The organ was built in 1946 by the Potsdam company, Alexander Schuke. It was the first instrument produced there after the Second World War. The Schuke organ began in the crypt church, and it was later transferred to the Baptismal and Matrimonial Chapel.