Berliner Domkantorei

Sänger der Berliner Domkan Spacer.gif cd_improvisations.jpg The Berliner Domkantorei was founded by Herbert Hildebrandt in the former East Berlin shortly after the erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961. Hildebrandt directed the inter-parish choir until 2003. Since then, Cathedral cantor Tobias Brommann has taken over leadership. The choir has grown to include approximately 150 singers, who sing together as an oratorio choir, but also perform in various smaller constellations. Providing the musical component of religious services in the Cathedral of Berlin was always among the functions of the Berliner Domkantorei, and since the Cathedral’s rededication in 1993, it has been the choir’s primary domain. The musical program includes oratorios and passion settings, as well as Bach cantatas and sacred a capella works from several centuries. Concert tours bring the choir to locations in Germany and abroad, including Switzerland, Israel, and Sweden, but also often to East European countries, as in 2007 to Transylvania.

Another CD has been recorded in springs 2008, containing composiions by Charles Tournemire (1870 - 1939) and Gregorian chants, sung by the Schola of Berliner Domkantorei, conducted by Cathedral Cantor Tobias Brommann. The organ is played by Cathedral Organist Prof. Dr. Andreas Sieling. 

Listening samples can be found in the download archive.